BioCatNet Tools


Perform a blastp search against our protein database with a given amino acid sequence and e-value cutoff. We accept bare amino acid sequences as well as FASTA entries. The search may take some seconds. You can bookmark the page and visit it later. The results will be available on our servers for a limited time, which will be determined by space availability and performance.

The underlying blastp application is a tool developed and used at NCBI.


Apply a Standard Numbering Scheme to a sequence using BLAST and amino acid profiles. Standard nubmering schemes cannot be selected for all enzyme families, due to the lack of structural data for some families.

Reference for our standard numbering scheme routine:

Vogel, C., Widmann, M., Pohl, M., & Pleiss, J. (2012). A standard numbering scheme for thiamine diphosphate-dependent decarboxylases. BMC Biochemistry, 13:24.