The BioCatNet database system is a repository of sequence, structure and biocatalytic data on protein families to facilitate protein engineering.


Q: How can I submit my experimental data?

A: Currently, upload is maintainted by sending file templates to the administrator. Please mention your desired enzyme family database. A list of available databases can be found on the BioCatNet Homepage.

Q: Where can I find the BioCatNet Excel template for submission of my experimental data?

A: The Excel template can be downloaded here. A brief documentation of the Excel template is available in the file itself by clicking on the heading (coloured fields). A more detailed documentation is available here.

Third Party Libraries and Applications

The BioCatNet web application is powered by an Apache webserver in combination with PHP 5.4.4. The database application is powered by Firebird 2.5.

The web pages are based on a HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework from Bootstrap. Protein structures can be visualized within BioCatNet using PV protein viewer. Chemical molecules are drawn by Ketcher and Indigo Toolit. The molecular mass can be calculated automatically with the help of Open Babel.

BLAST searches apply blastp, a tool developed and used at NCBI.